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Projects Project Overview of the Scope of Work Phase/Type Client
1 Professional Services Outsourcing work for simulation study in ASPEN HYSYS Basic Engineering -Process Simulation Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.
2 HAZOP Study 1. Conduct HAZOP study for HPCL Petroleum Product Dispatch Depots
2. HAZOP infopack and HAZOP Report 
Detailed Engineering- Process Safety Study Quanta Process Solution Pvt. Ltd.
3 Stress Analysis Pipe Stress Analysis
Detailed Engineering-Stress Analysis Huntsman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.
4 IBR/Non-IBR Steam Pipe Designing
NG Pipe Line Designing
1. Preparation of site mark-up for new line routing
2. Preparation of Piping GAD of New steam line
3. Preparation IBR Isometrics
4. New Steam Line Stress analysis report
5. Tie-in Points Isometrics
6. Pipe Support schedule
7. Pipe Support BOQ
8. Pipe Support Index
9. Piping Material Take-off
10. Piping Material Review and give suggestion if any.
11. Pipe Primary Support drawing
12. MTO – Insulation
13. MTO – Painting (i.e. for support
& structure)
 Detail Engineering Huntsman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.
5 Process Safety Study
Relief Device Study as per OSHA guidelines for one of the Crude Booster Station and the associated facility.
1. Perform Relief Valve Analysis for crude booster station and associated facility using DEP and API guideline.
2.Overpressure scenario identification and Relief Valve sizing
2. Prepare and Update the existing Safegaurding Memorandum Report.
3. Identify all the safety critical elements.
FEED-Process Safety Study Subhi Energy Consultants Ltd.
6 HAZOP and HAZID Study 1.Conducted HAZOP and HAZID study for one of the Crude Oil Terminal.
2. HAZOP and HAZID infopack preparations
3. HAZOP and HAZID Report 
Process Safety Study Chemie- Tech Projects Ltd.
7 Hazardous Area Classification Study 1. Perform Hazardous area classification for the facility.
2. Review the exiting and new drawings and provide expert comments
Basic Engineering Aries Marin & Engineering services
8 Column Performance Study and Design of New Column 1.Develop Conceptual Study of conversion from batch to continuous system.
2. Design New Packed Column System, Condenser and Reboiler, Hydraulic check, P&IDs, PFDs and Process Data Sheets.
3. Perform Cost Estimation
Concept/FEED Swadev Chemical
9 Dynamic Motor Starting Study 1. To carryout dynamic motor starting study  Detailed Engineering -Dynamic Motor Starting Study SH/
End Client -Petroleum Development of Oman
10 Design & Execution Plastic to Fuel eco-friendly plant  1. Engage with client in the form of review meetings
2. Review of pilot trial objectives and results
3. Review & Finalise of reactor design, catalyst selection, Process schematic, PFD and H&M balance.
4. Review and guide during FEED documents like EPDS preparation, P&ID's control, Equipment layout and other document.
5. Participation in HAZOP and Review meetings.
Concept & FEED- Advisory Services Quanta Process solutions Pvt. Ltd.
11 Fire Water Pump Installation and Associate Engineering 1. Provide Detailed Design engineering for installation of New Fire Water Pump in the existing Tank farm Area
2. Disciplines involved is Process, Piping, Instrumentation, Electrical and Civil  
Detailed Engineering Design Safety House LLC
12 Hazardous Area Drawing updates Hazardous Area Drawing updates Detailed Engineering-Process Safety Study Aries Marin & Engineering services
13 P&ID Update 1. To update P&IDs(70 Nos) for one of the refinery during the BDEP engineering phase BDEP Technology Company, USA (Confidential)
14 Reliability Centered Maintenance-Facilitation 1. Facilitation of 4 days RCM Workshop Detailed Engineering- RCM Study Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
15 Energy Audit  Conducted Energy Audit for CDU, VDU, Delayed Coker Unit, FCCU,DHDT,VGO Hydrotreater, NHT-CCR, Isomerization and SRU Energy Audit Study-Advisory Services Devki Energy Consultancy Private Limited, End Client -Nayara Energy Limited
16 Alarm Rationalization-Facilitation 1. Facilitation of 6 days Alarm Rationalization workshop for Hydrogen Plant  Detailed Engineering- Alarm Management Facilitation Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
17 HAZOP & SIL Study of Stripper Column for Hydrogen Plant 1. Facilitation for HAZOP Study workshop
2. Facilitation for SIL Study 
Detailed Engineering-Process Safety Study Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
18 Alarm List Preparation 1. To prepare Alarm List  for one of the bio-refineries for gas treatment unit in India  BDEP-Alarm List  Technology Company, USA (Confidential)
19 Control Philosophy  1. To prepare Control Philosophy for one of the refinery for gas treatment unit  BDEP- Control Philosophy Technology Company, USA (Confidential)
20 Bitumen Drum Filling Terminal 1. Process: Design Basis, PFD, P&IDs, Equipment Specification, PSV Specifications, Control Philosophy and Cause & Effect Diagram, Instrument Process Datasheets, Utility summary and Data Sheets for Package items.
2. Safety: Fire Hydrant network, Fire pump and Fire Water tank design as per OISD, Hazardous Area Classification Drawing, Fire Protection, Participation in HAZOP, F&G Layout
3. Piping: Isometric Drawing of piping, Equipment layout, Pipe rack layout, Layout of site, Piping and valve BOQ & MTO, Piping spec, Insulation for piping and tanks
4. Civil: Design and GA for buildings Control Room, Security Room, Weigh Bridge,  Drum Filling Shed and empty drum storage, Roads, drainage system, Civil Foundation Drawings for Pump, Pipe racks and Conveyers
5. Electrical: Singe Line diagram, Substation and MCC design, Earthing layout, Electrical cable layout, Streets Lighting and Lighting arrester’s, BOQ/MTO for Elect Items, Data sheets for Elects Motors and panel.
6. Instrumentation: Data Sheets for all Instruments, PLC and C/V Design, Instrument cable tray design and layout, BOQ/MTO for Instruments and cables.
7. Procurement: Vendor package data Sheets , Bitumen tanks vendor finalization, pumps.

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