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Concept Development Phase

The concept phase of the project is all to do with an OPPORTUNITY which may nurture further as a project. It has been always challenging throughout the project lifecycle whether its new field development, new pilot facility, new plant, or major process expansion etc. as it has more questions than answers and more assumptions than data. EngiMates works as an extended partner with our clients in identifying and selecting the concepts for projects as we very well understand the implications of these uncertainties.

EngiMates Concept Team confirms technical and economic feasibility of the opportunity proposed by client and identify the most preferred method of its implementation. We perform the study, identify the options, and rank the options based on technical merits, HSE, system reliability, economics (NPV, CAPEX - OPEX), and any other business value drivers. The team then selects the most promising solution, details out the scope of work and prepares a cost estimate.

EngiMates utilizes a unique methodology & approach in concept development phase which enable us to stand up distinctively and deliver value driven product to our clients.

EngiMates Concept Engineering Package includes deliverables as follows:
  • Preliminary Process Design Basis
  • Process Alternatives Evaluations Summary
  • Process Simulation and Heat and Material Balance Data
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
  • Equipment List
  • Utility Load List
  • Major Equipment Conditions of Service List
  • Capital and Operating Cost Estimate (+40% /-30%)
  • Summary of Raw Materials and Utility Requirements
  • Project Cost Plans & Schedule
  • Value Assurance Reviews.
  • Project Interface Register
  • Process Risk Summary.
  • Project Report.
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